Alexa, is it garbage pickup this week?

Photo by Lazar Gugleta on Unsplash

Where I live and in the surrounding municipalities, organics and recyclables are collected every week, while regular garbage is collected every other week. I often find myself forgetting which week I’m supposed to take the garbage out; I’m sure it happens to all of us… right?

I know there are apps that give you reminders on such things, but I didn’t feel like installing another app just for that purpose. Then I had a thought: my Amazon Echo is sitting right there on my kitchen counter, wouldn’t it be great if I can just ask Alexa if it is garbage pickup week or not?

Turns out, it was.

But it wasn’t solely because of the convenience. Sure, the convenience was nice, but what’s great about this little idea of mine was that I didn’t find an Alexa skill to do what I wanted. So I wrote my own skill — 3 in fact:

In a later post I will get into the details about creating these skills.