eero 6 Review


Mesh routers are a relatively new breed of routers; you can think of it as a central router supplemented by a number of extender nodes. However, unlike traditional router/extender setups that typically create separate networks and repeat the Wi-Fi traffic over them, mesh routers create one seamless wireless network throughout your home and intelligently route traffic to devices via the node with the best signal.

The packaging is really nice

Setting Up

Technical specs aside, the setup of the router was a breeze. As with all smart devices these days, setup is done via a mobile app with step-by-step instructions to guide you: you start by unplugging your existing modem from power, then connect the eero main gateway node to it with the included ethernet cable (there are 2 ethernet ports on the gateway and it doesn’t matter which one you use). Lastly, you plug both modem and gateway back to power and let the app do its thing to pair with your unit.

The App

Coverage and Performance

On coverage, I can say that in an area of the home where I had a weak connection before — and that’s already with an extender nearby — I get good coverage now. And gone are the days when I would walk to an area where I should be getting good signal from the router, but my connection is lousy because I’m still connected to the extender network. Now, it’s one network and the router will steer your traffic via the most appropriate node or band based on your location.

Other Things to Note

As previously noted, there are only 2 ethernet ports on the router, and one of them is already used for connecting to the modem. This means that there’s only 1 free port for connecting a device by wire. Therefore, if you need to connect to more devices by wire, you’ll need to plug them into the modem — but they won’t been seen by the eero — or get a network switch.



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