This past November, Docker Hub started enforcing rate limits for image pulls for anonymous and free account users.

To ensure that your docker pulls on Kubernetes are authenticated, first create a docker-registry secret to hold your Docker Hub credentials:

kubectl create secret docker-registry <secret_name> \ \
--docker-username=<username> \
--docker-password=<password> \

Then you’ll need to patch your default service account to include the secret:

- name: <secret_name>

If you’re on OpenShift, you can use the following handy command to link the secret to the service account instead:

oc secrets link default <secret_name> --for=pull



Photo by Amanda Mocci on Unsplash

Just a quick post on stale branches on this Black Friday. Like old docker images, Git branches that are no longer needed inevitably starts to accumulate as a by-product of everyday development.

To remove these local branches, I use the following commands:

> git remote prune origin
> git branch -vv | grep "origin/.*: gone]" | awk '{print $1}' | xargs git branch -D

And if you need to remove old docker images, check out my post on that here.